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Don't forget the decorations! If your studio decorates the stage for your recital instead of renting a backdrop, trying to find all the right pieces to go with your theme can be a chore. Ready, Set, Recital can help! We have stage maps with beautiful selections that coordinate with all our available themes. Just choose how much stage decoration you would like, and our team will have the decor sent directly to your studio so all you have to do on recital day is set it up!

Just a Bit


Two small decorations for both sides of your front of stage to add depth and help tie your recital theme together.


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A Little More


Two coordinating taller items, usually in tower/column form to sit at the back of the stage to help outline and highlight your dancers, PLUS the smaller front of stage decorations.


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The Works


Everything from Just a Bit and A Little More, PLUS a large, on theme center piece to make a statement! Typically between 4 and 7 feet tall, your center piece will add that full stage look to make your theme pop!


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