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Company 8


The Company 8 Dancers are a group of students that take their dancing to the next level. They travel around SWFL to 3 competitions every season and perform at Disney World in the spring. These students are dedicated to their craft and display true passion in their performances. This year, Company 8 had an incredible season, bringing home some outstanding awards for our studio. A few of the most notable include many scholarships, titles, choreography awards, entertainment awards, golden tickets, several judge's choice awards and numerous high score overalls, as well as 2 SDA regional Championships. Many of their trophies and plaques are on display at the studio, along with our highest award ever - Top Studio of 2016!

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Auditions for the Company 8 dance team are held twice a year - at the end of spring and the end of summer. Students selected from these auditions will represent the team for the following school year and are committed through that season's National Championship. Students will need to dress in easy to move in clothes, bring all their dance shoes, and bring a water bottle to auditions. If you cannot make either audition date due to other commitments, you must inform the office to set up an additional time. Students that miss auditions will need to wait until the next year to try out.

Auditions for the 2024-2025 Company 8 team are:

Saturday, July 13th - 11 am

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